Ppalu is for Sale or Charter in the Bahamas.

Joanne working on lamp

Joanne working on mosaic lamp

Since 2010 Joanne along with her fiance D. Randy West have been gleaning the shores along the eastern seaboard of the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea hand collecting various colors and shapes of historical sea glass naturally tumbled by the sea.

Joanne has been designing and creating jewelry and mosaic lampshades as a way to use these pieces of of sea glass which she defines as gifts from the sea. Each piece of glass is carefully chosen using only quality pieces in her craftsmanship. The sea glass is then meticulously sorted by color and size. The antiquity and contour of the lamp base is the inspiration for each lampshade design that Joanne strives to have aesthetically pleasing.
The visual effects of the lamps are twofold. Each lamp is visually pleasing as an art object in itself. Additionally, when the lamp is illuminated, the colors of the sea glass come alive showcasing the uniqueness of the individual pieces. Working with assorted sea glass colors, shapes and sizes present a challenging way for Joanne to harmonize and balance the originality of each lampshade.


A nightlight for Ppalu

For contact information or to view a gallery of Joanne’s jewelry and lamps please visit http://www.joannerobersondesigns.com/